Six strikes and you’re NOT out?

copyIn the next few months, there will be a new system to try and prevent copyright protection and infringement. The system is called “Copyright Alert System” and has a six step tier system to contact offenders. When interviewed, Jill Lesser from the Center for Copyright Information did not strongly argue (in my opinion) that this would be an effective way to prevent illegal downloads. When asked what would happen after the last step, she simply replied nothing, and that their job is done to try and inform and educator the offenders.

To begin with a letter is sent, and if it happens again, a letter is sent, if it happens again, a letter is sent. Do you see where I am going with this? If an individual is not going to read it the first time, can it really be effective thereafter? The ultimate penalty could be a reduction in internet speed for a period of 48 hours. Not so beneficial when smart phone’s etc can still be used.

I do believe that education is important for people to understand, but this system seems like a waste of time and money. If all five major internet companies are participating, it does however make me wonder if they do have some hope that this could work?

In the technological world we live in, some people are just plainly more tech savvy than others, some of us could figure out how to download illegally and some can’t.

If so much work is going into this program, the sixth strike should mean you are out- or at least on the bench.


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