“Rejected”- Worthy Of Air Time?

Rejected set the standard for the comedic humor we know today. Don Hertzfeldt was an innovator because his style of comedy was so unique. The sketches he created were way before their time because they would have been a huge hit today. I also feel that his comedic style would be better suited for a more mature company other than the family learning channel. I feel as if Mr. Hertzfeldt should of known his style of humor would be too mature for the audience at the family learning channel. Therefore in order for his advertisements to be aired on the network they would have to be toned down. Also the video states that these little advertisements took five weeks to complete. Maybe if more time was taken to complete them they would be better than the current product.

Maybe a little too much repetition was used especially in the first cartoon. The character says “my spoon is too big” three times which is too many times in my opinion. Also not many of the scenarios make any sense, for example the banana in the first scene. There is also an element of randomness to Hertzfeldt’s product for example in the second scene the character grows a massive boil and a demon-like creature came out of it. Many of the cartoons fit the theme of “rejection” Hertzfeldt is trying to convey. A prime example is in the third cartoon when a character wearing a “normal hat” attends a “silly hat” party and it scrutinized. Another reason I believe the cartoon didn’t get aired is because of the large amount of violence. Especially in the cartoon where one character pokes the others eye out and blood starts to fall.


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