True or False: The money given to organizations such as the FBI is used to locate and capture potential terrorists.

In last week’s On The Media, they mentioned something that really caught my attention. When I listen to the podcast, I’m usually doing something else at the same time, but this time I actually dropped everything I was doing and listened carefully. The host, Bob Garfield, interviewed a journalist by the name of Trevor Aaronson about the “hatching and financing” of terrorists by the FBI. Aaronson says that this organization is more focused on finding terrorists than any other groups in the United States. However, they began describing a situation where the FBI tricked a “potential” terrorist into trying to commit an act of terrorism. This got me thinking, of all the money the FBI is given in a year, how much of it is really used to capture real terrorists? Yes, I know this task is extremely hard. But the amount of money that must have been used to finance all those chemicals and stuff for the bomb that this man was going to use to blow up the New York Federal Reserve building is extensive. And after all, this man wasn’t even truly a terrorist.

Honestly, not to trash the government or anything, I believe that if organizations such as the FBI weren’t given as much money as they are, we would not have gone through the recession. I know that they are given this money in order to protect us from a disaster, but sometimes I feel like it isn’t used thoughtfully. Also, as said on the podcast, much of that money is used to publish stories in the news about these “successful missions against terrorism”. Think about it; they want us to believe that they are actually doing something to find all those men who want to destroy this country. Yes, they are TRYING, but whether they are successful or not, now thats a different story. I’m not trying to give the FBI any less credit, but maybe instead of focusing on only terrorists, they should try to use that money to protect us from other types of disaster, like drugs or whatever. 

Basically, all I’m trying to say here is that we should be a little more skeptical with what we read or watch on the news. Be careful peeps, never believe everything you are told. Sometimes, thats the only way to survive. Don’t be oblivious. 


One thought on “True or False: The money given to organizations such as the FBI is used to locate and capture potential terrorists.

  1. I think that there is a lot happening behind the scenes that we are not aware of, regarding how money is spent federally. Yes, the largest percentage of money is spent on military from the United States than anything else and maybe this needs to be changed. BUT, I think it is hard for us to comment on what they should do, as their knowledge and experience is far beyond us. I do agree however that news does influence and can brainwash our views on the FBI or other federal governments or politicans. I think we should be a little skeptical, but also open minded at the same time.

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