smash, smash, SMASH Viral video

In this week’s post I have decided to respond to the Kai, the homeless hitchhiker viral video smash, smash, SMASH because it is another example of how society makes a serious situation into entertainment. After Kai the hitchhiker gave an interview about how he used a hatchet to stop a “Crazed” man threatening three people his interview became very popular because of his high energy and his story. During the original interview, Kai had explained that the alleged attacker kept saying he was Jesus while being in the car with the man, attacked a utility worker by smashing his car into the back of his truck and threatened two women nearby. The two females praised Kai for saving their lives while the utility worker suffered two broken legs when his vehicle was hit. Kai used numerous curse words to explain the story while sounding like a surfer dude which made the video skyrocket to fame on the internet. Popular Gregory Brothers who is famous for making remixes of popular viral videos re-mastered the interview video with Kai the hitchhiker called Smash, Smash, SMASH. As the description describe of the video “Kai the Home-free hitchhiker sings an uplifting anthem about the elemental worth of a human soul, while warning of the smashing and smiting that he may bestow upon those that ignore this basic moral precept”, is what’s shown in the video. Not even a full week has gone by and there was a remixed video made about Kai that became very popular in a matter of days. The video at first seems funny because it is auto-tuned and makes fun of him saying how he smashed the guy with the hatchet. Within the video the Brothers remixed him talking about life and how he is homeless that should be taking seriously, but instead it is showed to be entertainment. Our society at this day in age seems to always take a serious situation and make it to something worth laughing at. We ignore the problems at hand to see what is really going on and find comedy as importance making important news or events have less value then remixed viral videos. 



2 thoughts on “smash, smash, SMASH Viral video

  1. I think its interesting how now a days people go out of their way to get noticed in society for their “15 minutes of Fame” spotlight. What I found interesting about this video was that he wasn’t searching for the spotlight it just managed to find its way to him. Similarly to Sweet Brown and Antoine Dodson (popular for Hide Your Kids, Hide your Wife) what makes this so entertaining is their eccentric characters. Although it takes away from the actual news reporting I feel as though the story of Kai is another example of where we are heading in regards to entertainment, rather than seeking news that happens every day we look to stories similar to this that are far-fetched and almost unbelievable for a good laugh

  2. I completely agree. I think it is sad that society has promoted this sort of shying away from reality with yourtube viral videos that they know will reach masses through comedy. In someways I felt like I was being brainwashed (not trying to sound like a free-spirited hippie) by the media. When I saw this video for the first time I completely forgot about the entire situation and focused on the comedyof it all. Maybe it is nice to add a light hearted humor to a dark situation, but not when the victims were barely mentioned. That’s just too far.

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