Hatchet Hitch Hiker

It truly amazes me how a story about a man who crashed his car into someone purposely pinning their body can be forgotten so quickly and the whole news story becomes about some random hitch hiker named Kai. He got his “fifteen minutes of fame” and will probably be talked about for a while. I know after class when I was back in my room I was telling all of my friends about him and showing them the video and I completely forgot what the real story was all about. It became about this goofy hitch hiker who was a little out there and was really entertaining to watch. The fact that there was an auto tuned remix of his story almost instantly is crazy to me as well. This is what society does today and how people are providing entertainment and we buy into all of it and watch these things. I bet you not a lot of people watching the video don’t really even know what it was about but they definitely remember Kai the Hatchet Hitch Hiker.


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