The Hitchhiker

Before, watching the hitchhiker video in class and not knowing what to expect. The background information we were given was very brief. It was a crazy hitchhiker that had helped in an altercation involving several people. However after watching the video it was surprising to me to see how my original idea of what the video would be about was completely off. The video was very funny and depicted this hitchhiker that was clearly not all together mentally. That being said, the news clip shouldn’t have really been about him. The victim of the altercation should have been the focus of the news clip. However, not once was the victim ever shown or even really talked about. The story was about Kai. The hitchhiker who had no one that saved the day. I think that America loves stories about the underdog. The people who no one would expect to do something so risky and life threating. Kai was the center of the whole media story. It wasn’t even about the man who threatened the lives of the people involved. It’s interesting to see how quickly a media story can change the focus of a story to a totally different story. It was no longer a traumatic story about a victim being pinned in between two cars and two ladies who were being strangled but an animated funny hitchhiker who had saved the day and taken down the bad guy. It did provide great entertainment but I’m not sure if it was ethically correct or fair to the victim who never got to have his word. After seeing the full interview of Kai it was interesting to see how even less attention was given to the incident. However the interview gave more information on Kai’s personal life and daily struggles. Kai seems less insane and more of a character you feel compassion for. My heart went out to Kai after he began talking about his nonexistent family and his homeless lifestyle. The more Kai talked about his life the more and more I forgot about the original traumatic story. It just shows that even the news as reliable and factual as one might think that they are the ability that they have to change a story is all for entertainment.

Antonia Joseph


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