Class Video Clips

The clips thatnew watched in class on Monday in my opinion weren’t funny at all and did not grasp my attention. I guess for some people it requires a certain type of humor to enjoy those clips. In my own opinion I found myself really bored and I struggled to sit through and watch it. The entire time I was sitting there and just hoping that it would end soon and that I wouldn’t have to sit there any longer. As said in class I also found the videos to be kind of gruesome and disturbing.

I think watching such videos acquires a certain taste, a taste that I just simply do not have. It was very dry and bland and I was overall just not a fan of it. However I understand that people are entertained by such things and I have no judgement at all, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone has their own sense of humor.


2 thoughts on “Class Video Clips

  1. I totally get why you wouldn’t like the cartoon. I really liked it a lot though. It was really odd and I love laughing at odd things. I could see how you would find it boring though. The design was very minimal.

  2. I initially felt the same way. I felt the cartoon was obnoxious and mindless. Although since we were watching it in class, I figured there was like an underlying meaning in it and began to further analyze what we were watching. Overall I found it to be very dark and actually quite sad. I interpreted this cartoon as a story of the artist trying to express himself to an audience who was very dismissive of his creativity. As a marketing student, one of my classes recently discussed how consumers avoid things they don’t quickly comprehend. My guess is while the artist was working in advertising, he began to feel like his work was being dictated by corporate advertisers who knew nothing about art and were only interested in selling terrible food to kids. I think most of the cartoon was actually mocking what general audiences do find acceptable today, which to him is mindless and vulgar. So I don’t disagree with you. I found the cartoon to be very frustrating to watch, but I believe that was the point. I think it was suppose to make you feel as frustrated as the artist felt when being asked to create mindless art.

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