Viral Video Madness

I choose to talk about the viral video’s podcast from this weeks on the media.

This was very interesting to me because I am big into youtube weather it is songs or funny videos. I just cant seem to get enough. To learn that the idea of viral videos started and who was the patient zero. It all started from two young film school grads who made a video to be submitted to the Sundance Film Festival. The decided to put on their own screening and when a Fox Studios executive, Brian Grayton  found his way in. He instantly loved it and helped the guys out. They planned a video christmas card and it was a huge hit but was totally inappropriate.

It was a battle bewteen Jesus and Santa. And now, here it is the creators of this video were the creators of the successful South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone. it was sent out through old school mail and VHS and copies and copies were made until one copy reached Dallas, Texas.

The tape kept multiplying and multiplying. And reached the university of Illinois; it was digitised and sent out to the whole campus. This dorm room, became ground zero for the “Viral Video” sensation. Eventually the then small Comedy Central took on the task. It took over a year to make the first episode. It exploded and it was everywhere.

Southpark might not have come to be without the college kids in Illinois. Back then sending things around wasnt as easy as it is today like sending a link on facebook or twitter. It was much more of a process to do it by snail mail.


It is cool to look back and see how the Viral Video sensation started because it seems like more and more each week viral videos are becoming a thing, like Rebecca Black’s Friday, Gangnam Style and now the Harlem Shake. Just imagine how hard it would be to make a video viral without the internet. It is a scary thought.


3 thoughts on “Viral Video Madness

  1. Viral videos almost seem to become a constant and never ending way to get any message across, for instance the KONY 2012 or the SOPA movements are no longer spoken about. In a way viral videos all have a specific intent whether they have a serious message or not. What we should laso consider is the quality of the videos, if we get a high quality video some will find it to be more visually pleasing (if used for a documentary setting) but also with the Mitt Romney video that exposed his strategy people admired the sense of a inside source and poor quality video that made it seem very organic. Now a days it is very easy to get your voice heard if you do it the right now and with anyone having access to any piece of entertainment it’s inevtiable to have the song or video become shared all over the web.

  2. Viral videos are an amazing phenomenon! I love the fact that one of the first viral videos created was from the makers of South Park. I still remember when South Park first aired and how controversial it was. Many people were outraged when it first came out, especially because it was a cartoon that had cursing characters and adult jokes.

    It is funny to think that in order to go viral you would have to set up VHS players in order to duplicate films. I think online media has really given individuals today an opportunity to share all kinds of information, whether it is new oriented or humorous. I think it will be interesting to see how the media continues to change.

  3. I find viral videos to be extremely interesting as well. I think I learn so much from seeing and hearing about videos and then just going on youtube and searching what I’ve heard people talking about and there it is. It pops up right before my eyes so easy to gain a hold of. I agree that it is such a scary thought to think how our world or even life today would be with out the Internet. The creators of South Park had to go through so much more to get their videos out there and recognized compared to Rebecca Black’s Friday and the Harlem Shake. It truly amazes me how in just a few short years our world can completely change. The way viral videos are becoming more and more popular it will be interesting in five years to come to see how easy it is.

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