Cyber War vs. Traditional War

This week I decided to listen in about the world of “cyber-war.” It is interesting to hear that the internet has impacted an issue such as war. The Washington-Post recently said that the Chinese hackers are a “continuous invasion.” How could we possibly refrain from having international hackings on the US infrastructure of the internet?  Well, according to this podcasts, it seems as though these hackings are not a threat to us and we have nothing to worry about. We are entering a world where it becomes almost inevitable that file sharing and access to information on the web is easy to find and apparently- hack. This however intrudes on a person’s personal and private space, the argument that seems to present itself with the debates of the web is the protection of the rights on an individual. According to this podacast, the private lives of an individual or their relationship with someone can become hacked. Isn’t that crazy?
Throughout the years we have been receiving threats of invasion but neither of which have been acted upon. These threats are also very hard to identify, however, one incident has been verified out of the thousands of others that were noted, Stuxnet, a worm created by the United States and Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010. According to Secretary of Defense and former CIA director Leon Panetta, says “the next Pearl Harbor we confront could be cyber-war based.” What I found very interesting about this article is that this form of warfare is preferred over traditional warfare. Yes, that’s right in the cyber war world they encourage this over actual combat. The use of cyber-attacks to cripple the opponent’s response has become much more predominant. The US internet infrastructure is seen as vulnerable.
Seems as though we have nothing to worry about as far as “cyber-war” continues, but the affects can soon change if nothing is done to regulate and control the systems we use. The armed forces announced that they will expand their employment to 5,000 to monitor computers in case of a serious cyber-war threat. Who would have thought that war would become based through computer software hacking?


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