Hey United States, I’m Talking To You!

This week’s, “On The Media” podcast discussed the various issues concerning the drone attacks in Pakistan. A drone is a remotely piloted aircraft that is often used as a war tool to pinpoint and locate threatening agents. Maybe it’s just me who feels this way, but isn’t it a lot easier to mistake a target from a third party operation, that is not even human? Sure it’s being operated by humans and I’m sure it’s engineered to be scarily accurate, but does this not violate some unspoken rule of war? Innocent people are being killed by these machines and cannot even put a face to their murderer. According to Stanford Law Professor James Caravallo it’s a little too easy to mistake a civilian for a threatening militant.

Around 98% of people affected by these drone strikes are low level militants or civilians and are not considered an immediate threat to the United States national security. In other words, civilians like you or me were at the wrong place at the wrong time. That phrase all of a sudden has a new and much more profound meaning than it has ever had. Just because a drone can kill someone, does not necessarily mean that it should. Sure, it is probably beneficial to maximize technological resources and cut back on financial costs by using computers to replace humans in a war, however; 1. Theoretically, we are not at war with Pakistan, 2. Should the United States really be compromising defensive security for offensive security, after all studies have shown that these drones are increasing “anti-Americanism.” But if the shoe were on the other foot, wouldn’t Americans deeply despise any country that so coldly and ruthlessly killed any of its innocent civilians. This idea of “entitlement” to take whatever we want is becoming quickly transparent and is actually serving as a “recruiting tool for Al Qaida” in that it makes it a lot easier for them to rally up supporters when they see their innocent fellow countrymen dying an unlawful and unfair death. Adding fuel to the fire is not the answer United States, it never has been.



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