A chilly truth..?


Coincidentally, three of us in this class are also taking Media Ethics, which this week we are assigned to watch In Cold Blood. This made me listen intensively to the comments and opinions that have risen in the press this week.

At what point is the mischaracterization of the narrative story breaching unethical and wrong? Being a journalism major and studying bringing facts regarding events and news is very important in telling a story. The decisions that the reporter makes alter and change the view of the story. If Capote chooses to stretch the characterization of the killers, it was to sensationalize the news values, perhaps? The timeline of the story does not change- the family still was brutally murdered, and the killers end up being hung, the debatable factor being discussed however was how accurate are the killers portrayed.

No news story, (even if made into films and books) can ever been 100% factual and non-biased. The choices made when presenting any event are always going to be different than watching something happen live. I don’t think it was unethical or wrong if Capote played slightly with the facts. What do you think?


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