Cyber War

I found it really interesting to be able to listen to President Barrack Obama and hear how he plans to help and secure us against cyber threats. There are so many Internet hackers and people who know how to break through security walls so easily it is actually really scary to think about.

Last year I took class a called “Spies and Secret Agents” where I learned about espionage and all different secret agents. I must say it was really frightening to learn about how secretive people in the United States can be. I couldn’t believe how many spies and secret agents exist all over the place. It was so interesting to learn about but at the same time had me thinking so much about how we are almost always being watched and you never really know if someone is spying on you. People can be so sneaky and secretive and it really makes you second guess yourself and the environment your in sometimes.

This is definitely something that we should be concerned about but not something to get ahead of ourselves about and start freaking out. Yes, we need to be concerned, but we also need to be logical. I think if our authorities continue to keep us aware and involved than we won’t have any issues, because we will be informed. We do however need to figure out how we can prepare ourselves for a Cyber War, because with the way technology continues to grow and change so rapidly it is bound to happen and probably sooner rather then later. The best we can do is prepare ourselves for the worst to come and in the mean time try to stop it, prevent it, and understand it all.


One thought on “Cyber War

  1. I agree. I think it is worrying that you never know who is watching you and when. I had an experience once when I was being watched to be interviewed for a case that involved a friend and they were waiting for me to enter my apartment. It was a agent the opposite side had they paid to get information on the case, I had no idea and luckily did not say anything that would jeopardize the situation. What I am saying is, whatever the case, big or small, the consquences of being spyed on by whoever in the FBI, government or secret agent can be harmful to us as individuals or as as a nation as a whole.

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