The Threat of Cyber War

After listening to this segment of On the Media discussing whether or not cyber warfare is something concerned about, it seemed clear to me that it is something to be worried about. However, I don’t believe we should all begin panicking but a few things during this segment definitely stood out to me as red flags. The first being that if it isn’t something truly to be concerned about then why is President Obama giving a speech about increasing security. A fact that we can all agree on is that technology has progressed at an extremely fast pace in the last 5 or so years and it isn’t slowing down one bit. We are becoming more and more dependent on it in all aspects of our life. So to say that it isn’t a threat today might be true but with that said who knows what tomorrows technology will be like. I agree that cyber war seems like a much more safe alternative to regular warfare in regards to human lives, who is to say that only one type of warfare will be used. Together it could cause chaos. Also, the fact that we are now giving out awards in the military for cyber war is very contradictory. This is in a way promoting our military to engage in cyber war and use what we know to take down other countries technology. Therefore it can’t be just the United States that is beginning to look into technology as a means of warfare. Overall, I think that we should be prepared for a cyber war because of how fast technology is advancing and we do not want to be unprepared.


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