“I Get This Call Every Day”

David S. Gallant has a great idea for video games. Video games can be very productive and artsy. I really liked this segment of on the media because I am interested in making video games based on unique concepts. Gallant’s ideas are incredibly original. I think his video game “I Get This Call Every Day”  is very realistic and depressing and thats why I like the idea. I feel by putting yourself in a call center employees shoes can spread empathy through video game players. It is such an easy way to experience someones else’s life. You don’t have to leave your desk to feel Gallant’s pain. I think his production is art and he should not have been fired for it. Just because something is realistic doesn’t mean it is meant to be hurtful or slanderous. This video game portrays his feelings and his everyday job. Even though he was fired it sounds like his tech skills will get him far in his career.

He was able to make a point and click game which requires math and art. He is clearly very creative. I liked his idea for a video game about income taxes. Making something boring into something fun is what enjoying life is all about. I feel he could help a lot of people. I hope he pursues his video game career. It is pretty awesome that you could help people without personally working with them. If you are not a people person but want to help society this seems like an ideal profession.


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