Mashed up or Smashed up?

Jay-Z and the Beatles seem to be two types of music that are unlikely to be mixed together. However, DJ Danger Mouse managed to do this in a very exquisite way in 2004 in an album known as “The Grey Album”.

Regardless of the many controversial issues that this album has caused due to copyright infringement, I believe that the many mixes in the album are genius. Danger Mouse did an extraordinary job in blending these very different genre’s of music. Jay-Z had no problem in Danger Mouse using his music for this purpose, and Paul McCartney agreed as well. However, because Mr. McCartney doesn’t own the rights to the Beatles music, he had no place in allowing this mash up to be created. EMI did right in defending their ownership of the Beatles music. It was proper and legal. Yet, they could have been a lot more lenient in making the decision to ban the creation of this album. People who appreciate music, greatly appreciate the genius behind this album and the perfect way in which the songs mix.

Copyright has become a large part of today’s society, because everyone wants to be famous. So it is completely understandable that some people want to defend those rights thoroughly, but they should really start thinking of what would be good for humanity rather than themselves. 


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