The Grey Album

I have always enjoyed music mashups especially when the mashup is made up of two completely different genres of music. The Grey album was exactly that. The mix of Jay Z (The Black Album) and The Beatles (The White Album) was surprisingly genius. I also thought that it’s title, “The Grey Album,” was very clever as well.

However, the controversy behind this mashup is something I have a strong opinion on. Despite the fact that Jay-Z and Paul McCartney both agreed that it was fine that Danger Mouse use their music to create a separate creative mashup, the record company owning rights to The Beatles did not agree at all. They threatened to sue Danger Mouse. I don’t agree with EMI at all. They were not the creators of The White Album therefore I don’t think that they should have much of a say when it comes to how the music can be used. Also, from personal experience with mashups that become popular in todays culture that I like, I like to find the original creators of the different songs and download their music. It wasn’t as if Danger Mouse tried to take credit for the two songs that he used. On the other hand, this huge controversy brought a lot of publicity to the two different artists, Danger Mouse, and to the mashup itself. Therefore, I feel like the more they resisted and threatened to sue it only brought more attention to Danger Mouse. That being said, I think that despite the fact that I don’t agree with how EMI handled the situation I think that it brought many positive things to attention.


One thought on “The Grey Album

  1. I agree with you. I think as musicians it is nice to see that they are still interested in the creative aspect of developing new music. As for the record companies, I understand it is their job to focus on the financial aspects of it but overall they should also supported the creation of music.

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