Video Games

I get this call every day is about a video game designer that works in a regular nine to five job at a call center that makes a game based on what he does at work every day. David S. Gallant was frustrated in his boring old call center job answering phone calls all day that he channeled it all in his very own video game he calls I get this call every day. Pretty much the goal of the game is to help the caller to change the address on file with the options of be polite or rude to the caller. According to Gallant there is no particular way to actually beat the video game, but rather just a way of experience how to feel going through a regular nine to five job at a call center. Since Gallant made the video game he was fired from his job because of the video game saying that it is offensive. Being a gamer and seeing how Gallant was fired from his job because of this is not fair. Videos games can be anything man makes it where people with creative minds can play them and let their imagination wonder until it cannot wonder any further. Video games are used for entertaining and Gallant used his video as entertainment and comedy the way I see it to let out his frustration. Gallant video game ideas are different in a way people wouldn’t normally think of certain situations to be an actual idea for a game. I feel that the video game is not harmful and from what Gallant said the game is not bad at all. There are many people who have gotten their jobs taken away from them because of little things like this and causing tension. Since Gallant is now unemployed this could be a good chance to actually pursue what he loves which is being a video game designer and possibly enhancing his game or designing his dream game someday. 


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