The Grey Area

The Grey album is a compilation of various music tracks orchestrated by Brian Burton or an artist better known as “DJ Danger Mouse.” This album was a revolutionary mash up between two completely different artist and two very different genres. The CD consisted of rap artist Jay –Z’s “The Black Album” and rock group The Beatles’s “The White Album.” This mash up was ground breaking not only in the sense that this had never been done before, but also in that DJ Danger Mouse challenged and effectively changed various copyright laws. Shortly after the release of the album, copyright owners of “The Beatles”, EMI, ordered that it be ceased and attempted to stop the universal distribution of the mash up.

On February 24, 2004, “Grey Tuesday” manifested. As a result of the legal entanglements Danger Mouse was involved in, a music activism group called DownHill Battle, “sponsored” his cause and was able to rally a group of protesters on this day. Various websites banded together and launched this album on their web pages resulting in a total of 100,000 downloads in one day. Although it may not seem like a lot compared to daily mainstream music downloads, it was inspiring for what Danger Mouse and his supporters were trying to accomplish. In, my opinion, Danger Mouse did not violate any copyright laws. He was simply creating a work of art by using parts of different songs. I mean it’s not like he took the exact songs and tried to call them his own. He was simply “experimenting” and on top of it was not looking to receive any financial compensation for it.


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