Doormen and Bouncers

In Lohamann’s essay Your Intermediary is Your Destiny it was interesting to see the ways in which legal departments are always involved when it comes to online hosting platforms. In a perfect world, sharing files would bring everyone together and create a sense of kumbaya, except we don’t live in a perfect world and everyone needs to defend their rights. In his essay, he explains that bouncers prove participants access to a space based on mutual understanding of “good conduct” where behavior will be modified and regulated.  Copyright infringement will always be a grey area to society standards. Gatekeepers he says restrict access to a space based on rigid rules. The internet I believe is filled with more bouncers than doormen. We are allowed more to go anywhere we want and no one is there to stop us from entering a website. Bouncers only interfere in situations when someone complains or flags a video, but how many people really flag a video? How many people really respond by removing the video? In a way, video’s that do get flagged on the internet today can sometimes take time to get pulled down, especially if the issue isn’t addressed immediately. Doormen tend to block videos that are offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate that are flagged very highly over one that doesn’t get as much attention.  Copyright Law can run into some issues as technology beings to advance making sharing files easier. As long as people continue to beat the system, they will eventually develop a system that we won’t be able to beat.


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