Copyright Controversy


Now a days there is such a huge debate between copy right and open source. The whole idea of doormen and bouncers comes into play when you are talking about copy right laws. The idea of the doorman is that he guards a building and monitors who gets in and who doesn’t; the bouncer works at a public place and is there for safety reasons to make sure no trouble breaks out and if it does than they are there to stop it from spinning out of control.

I really liked Fred Von Lohmann’s essay “Your Intermediary Is Your Destiny” because it gave me a much greater sense of what a copyright means. He talks about the idea of intermediaries and their role. Offline intermediaries like television networks and DVD distributors often face very strict copyright rules WHILE internet intermediaries like YouTube are very different. When dealing with YouTube there is the idea of “Upload first, ask questions later.”

The part that interested me the most was the part about “notice-and-takedown” system. This means that a copyright owner can notify them when a video violating copyright appears on a site; this idea is very predominate on YouTube especially with music.

It is interesting the different between internet intermediaries and offline intermediaries. But sometimes the internet I think takes it a little far when someone uploads a little video with a song and YouTube makes a huge deal if they didn’t get clearance for the song.  It will be interesting to see where this idea goes in the future, maybe it will be gone all together? or maybe the laws will get progressively more strict


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