Fungible and Non Fungible

I find the whole fungible and non fungible ideas to be kind of cool and pretty simple to understand. The whole concept of having something and being able to change and transform it to do the same thing in a different way is really truly amazing. Like a hammer, you can have all different kinds, shapes and sizes but they are all going to get the same job done. Its pretty amazing that we can have different files like doc and docx and we are able to change these things to make them compatible to different computers being used but they all do the same thing and are gonna get the same point across.

I never thought of Wikipedia in a non-fungible way. But it is so true that Wikipedia has to be non-fungible considering the website that it is. Wikipedia made the whole non-fungible concept real clear to me. Its a website and a fact is a fact therefore if it was non-fungible and was able to be altered we wouldn’t know if the information was real or not.


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