Your Intermediary is your Destiny

Copyright has always been and always will be a challenging subject. “copyright is an omnipresent issue for video, arising whenever music is used in a production, a clip is taken from an existing  !lm or television
program, or a TV show appears in the background of a shot” (Social Media Reader Page 181). Fred Von Lohmann’s essay “Your Intermediary is your Destiny” discusses what the responsibilities of the “doormen” and “bouncers” are as well as explaining the differences between traditional and modern challenges people face when it comes to the laws of copyright.

One of my favorite parts of this essay is that von Lohmann uses an analogy that is easy for students reading the essay to understand. The first analogy is the doorman. The doorman is considered to be the gatekeeper; the doorman decides what does or does not meet the criteria needed to be released to the public. The second analogy is a bouncer at a club who serve as the guards. The “bouncers” do not make their presence known until a problem is brought to their attention. They are part of the picture to keep the peace and to prevent companies or individuals from receiving a massive lawsuit because he/she was unaware they were breaking a copyright law.

In my opinion, copyright laws can be thrown way out of proportion sometimes. By this I mean that when someone is trying to download a song from youtube rather than play $1.29 on itunes, this should not be considered breaking the laws of copyright. I feel this way because the person downloading the song is not reselling the song for his/her own benefit rather, they are downloading it for their own enjoyment. There should be a set of standards expressing the levels of copyright and the punishment that are equal to each level of copyright infringement


One thought on “Your Intermediary is your Destiny

  1. I agree with you about copy write laws being blown way out of proportion. It is insane when record companies seek out random people and sue them for illegal downloading. You can’t just seek out a few people at a time and fine them ridiculous amounts of money for downloading a song. It is obvious that things need to change with with the law of copy write.

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