Copy Write is Outdated

Who ever thought that one day, sharing would be consider illegal. As our society continues to grow accustom to free access and online sharing, the enforcement of copy write laws become progressively outdated.

It is important to protect the creators of intellectual and creative property, although it is interesting to weigh out the positive and negative aspects of sharing and “open source” information. Sharing allows individuals to build off already established information and be somewhat innovative. Additionally by having access to more information for free, or at a reasonable price, it allows us to become more advanced as a society. While looking at some of the benefits of sharing, it is also important to realize that sharing does harm individuals. If those creating these intellectual and creative work are not compensated for their efforts, many will begin to lack motivation in creating value and we will begin to see mostly user generated opinions rather than facts.

If copy write is unable to conform to new technological advances it will eventually become extinct. Music is one of the first and well-known examples of how things have changed. Now many musicians rely on performing rather than money from record deals. Although how could writers change the approach in which they earn revenue? Maybe in the near future the Internet will become more like a subscription rather than a service. It seems subscriptions are becoming the current solution to obtaining revenue for music and film, so why not for writers as well? For example Netflix, Spotify and The New York Times are all subscription based. It will be interesting to see what sorts of subscriptions


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