“Ag Gag” Bills

Undercover reporting on animal rights and health and safety regulations is a good thing. I feel that we should know if we are eating potentially harmful food. Sometimes the only way to find out is by undercover reporting. The food and farming industry is so huge that there are countless ways things can go wrong without even knowing it. I saw a movie called Food Inc. It was about all the unhealthy conditions animals live in when they are being farmed for meat. It also covered the horrible conditions the employees at meat packing industries endure. There was a lot of disturbing content in this movie. Journalism can help uncover wrong doings in many industries. I feel that the public should now what is going on especially if we are eating the after effects of  the problem. As on the media said the AG Gag bill should focus on harmful property destroying organizations such as PETA. It should not focus on the journalism industry as much. If meat is coming from sick cows and not being regulated that is an issue. If people are abusing animals that is an issue.  I remember reading an article about how when cooking beef never leave it rare because you don’t know where the animal is coming from and how healthy it was when it was alive. The article listed all the sicknesses you could get from eating unhealthy meat. It was a somewhat scary list. I think the food industry would benefit from journalist exposes. Accuracy is important too. If they are going to write ground breaking stories they better be true.


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