The man who could have been saved

The New York Post published a horrifying picture of a man about to get hit by a train. The picture itself makes you wonder what the photographer was thinking while taking it and not helping. After reading the article that accompanies the horrific image, it makes it clear that the photographer wasn’t about to offer much help. However the same hold true for photographers who document war or starving children. Instead of taking pictures shouldn’t they be helping the victims? In today’s society people are so use to getting out their phones and photographing or recording situations that are out of the norm instead of putting down their electronics and using their hearts and minds to help. Their are obviously pros and cons to both approaches nevertheless an innocent life could have been saved that day if the man snapping pictures would have helped out. In the interview with the photographer he said he turned his flash on in hopes that the flash while he was taking the pictures would have slowed the train down. Whether or not turning the flash on to help the victim was actually his true intentions still doesn’t explain why he didn’t just put his camera down and help the man out. This story makes me question society in a very sad way. Is society today so focused on about providing entertainment that even death is becoming a form of entertainment? 


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