Undercover Brother

The use of going undercover to unravel the dark secrets of the food industry has been used successfully and has benefitted all americans who care about what they put into their body. Upton Sinclair got it right when he wrote The Jungle and revealed all the dangers of the food industry. Now many states have made laws to stop these undercover investigators. To justify their reasoning for such laws they claim that they are targeting people from extreme animal rights group that try to destroy their companies but this isn’t necessarily the case. These industries are trying to put a stop to these investigators because they fear the news of their treatment of product and animals will be revealed. 

“Is economic loss terrorism?” this is a good question that Brooke Gladstone poses. Can people who try to expose these industries be considered terrorists. I don’t think so. All these industries are doing is being violent when handling the animals. Some examples of things that were exposed were : slamming of piglets, kicking and beating of turkeys, and torturing all of these animals. What these “terrorist” are doing is opening the eyes of the U.S to the animal cruelty of these food industries. 



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