I detest….

Plagiarism. I am sure when I went to high school in the 90’s I had never heard of this word, let alone have a slight glimmer of what it meant. Since studying in the U.S. it has been drummed into me that you can’t plagiarize. I honestly can say it would never even cross my mind. Not now, not when I was younger, and certainly not in my future career. It drives me utterly crazy. It makes me mad and hatred inside of me erupts from nowhere. I am not an angry person; I am passionate and take pride in my studies and creativity.
To hear possible incidents of students not doing any work, except use the internet search and copy and paste, this makes my blood boil. I am now aware that you can even subscribe to websites where you can access endless academic essays for the duration of a semester for $70. Who would have thought these enabling websites would ever encourage such dishonesty? This is not fair. It IS fair if they are caught, but is there solid evidence to prove this? I may spend hours researching, planning and writing to produce a high standard of work I am proud of, if I compared myself to someone who is faking their knowledge and own work, who loses out? Yes, it is them. They are for fitting their education, but I still hold resentment. There is absolutely so excuse.
If students are plagiarizing then they should be expelled from school, leave the institutions for the people who WANT to learn and do the work themselves.


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