Culture Jamming



Culture jamming is obviously a form of alternative media. Culture jamming alters advertisement messages by taking an advertisement and completely changing it to send out a message. We as people do not have a choice as to whether or not we are exposed to advertisements, it just happens naturally. It is like a personal way for people to express how they actually feel about a company and their products and to expose them. This photo above of the McDonald’s golden arch M with the slogan “McDeath EAT FAST, DIE YOUNG” is producing the idea that McDonalds is bad for you. Yes it is fast food and easy to access but eating it will lead to “death”.  The photo is taking the famous golden M that is the symbol of McDonalds and putting those harsh words as the slogan along with it. It is in fact going against the McDonalds food chain and is showing to people who consume fast food not to eat here because your life will be shortened by the food that they are serving. Culture jamming is taking the well-known symbol and changing the slogan and advertisement into something negative.


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