Culture Jamming


This ad here for Pepsi demonstrates perfectly what the entire idea of culture jamming is. The whole idea behind culture jamming is to take on an add and alter it in some way to get across a message. The message that is trying to be portayed is usually a message that reveals what can be “wrong” with the product or what isn’t good about it. Fast food is a major example of culture jamming because people are always constantly saying that the fast food companies are trying to market their products as having a positive aura around them and that there are no bad consequenses associated with them. Well culture jammers seek to find the “bads” with the products and use their logos to convey the message. The picture above for Pepsi shows that this culture jammer believes the ad to look like an obese person who has little movement and drool hanging from their mouth; the hidden message that is being portayed here is that drinking Pepsi is a major cause for obesity and if you drink enough of it you could end up looking like that as well.




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