Let us Jam



As known by many, culture jamming involves bringing forward political and social issues by the manipulation of current advertisements or other forms of social media. 

On a day to day basis, we see around 5,000 different ads, messages, etc., but because we are so used to seeing them around, we no longer pay any attention to them. Unless, something attracts us to that certain ad. This is the goal of all advertisers. To make us actually look and notice what the ads say and are trying to sell. Because of the endless amounts of advertisements around us, this has become extremely hard for advertisers to accomplish. However, culture jammers have manage to capture our attention quite easily. That is by trashing those advertisements and brands that we all know and love.

Like the Burger King ad above. Because this brand is so well known, we notice that there is something wrong with the logo, therefore we pay close attention to it. 

The goal of culture jammers is to make us aware of problems we have in the world today, and by changing the things that we all know by heart, they are able to make us pay attention to the message that they are attempting to put forth.


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