Occupy Wall Street


In our society today it seems to be we are now all connected in someway through a complex network of various media. Within the past few years Facebook has become one of the most largely discussed platforms. In 2011 when many of us were experiencing financial hardship, we began to direct our attention towards the system in which we abide by in the United States. At this time there was a new push for economic reform and many turned their attention to the extravagantly  wealthy.

There have been many protests throughout our history that have pushed for change but the Occupy Wall Street protest was different. Suddenly people all over the United States were using Facebook as a way to define specific locations and organize protests. Additionally the protest did not just reside in one location, it became a movement throughout America. Occupy Wall Street became so large that it even lead to images of police “abusing” protestors. Because of our ability to transfer and share information with the click of a button we either have a voice which can be very loud or mute. What I mean by loud or mute is that our individual voice may be heard, but I believe soon we will become accustom to people commenting on posts and creating pages that it will eventually be like spam.

It is interesting to see if social media and mediated mobilization will bring us closer together or ultimately push us further apart. As cliche as this is to say, “only time will tell.”


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