Semester Project

– For my semester project I am going to be studying athletes. I am going to photograph them in their sports life as well as in their everyday life.

– Athletes are always stereotyped to be “dumb jocks” or that they are consumed in the sport they play and that sport only. This isn’t true at all. There are many athletes at this very school that are involved in schoolwork and other activities just as much as their sports.

–   It will be an interview with an athlete from a different sports team every week. Alternating male and female.

–   I want to show through photographs and interviews that there are more to athletes than just shooing a basket or throwing a ball around.

–   The purpose of my project is to break the stereotype somewhat and at least have some people recognize that being a college athlete has much more to it.

–   It will show a perspective on how athletes work hard on the field as well as in the classroom and at other activities as well.


As of right now I am in the process of interviewing a few females from the lacrosse, basketball, and softball team. I am also getting photos from them as well.


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