Am I always on?

According to Boyd in Participating in the Always-on Lifestyle she feels like she is “part of a cohort that is always on.” Like Boyd, I feel the same in that I’m part of this huge group that always feels the need to be connected to some sort of social media that allows them to communicate with others and feel like they belong. Boyd explains that she is always connected but what is the exact definition of “connected” she doesn’t necessarily have to be checking her messages to be connected, does it count if she checks Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I am the same in that sense that I will always have my phone on me but there are times when I don’t check every single site that I’m on. Like Boyd said “the online is always just around the corner.” I do get overwhelmed with the idea that my face and my information is on each social site, but at the same time it entertains me and lets me keep up to date with people and news that are going on. I don’t just sit around waiting for the next person to post something these sites are meant to be checked at your convenience, well thats how I feel. I enjoy being “always-on” sometimes but there are consequences that can arise and reality checks you have to face. In the last paragraph of the essay Boyd says ” And there’s nothing like being connected and balanced to make me feel alive and in love with the world at large.” I think she was right, that is a feeling we all secretly seek.


One thought on “Am I always on?

  1. I agree and in more recent times I feel as though I am constantly “always-on” with media. In class, walking, talking, eating I’m checking for updates on my phone on what is happening around me. However, there are many instances where I catch myself and realize there are better activities then being “always-on.” It makes me wonder and goes along with my research topic, why and what makes us so eager to be always connected to the Internet? Our we creating the distraction for ourselves? Many times a day people check their phones than they do try to communicate in person with someone else, even when they are sitting right next to each other! There is so much happening around us that we want to make sure one of us is getting the information first before we hear it from someone else, and I think that is the thrill behind wanting to be “always-on” it’s a game of who can get the information first and quickest.

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