Semester Paper

For my semester paper I want to research about the growth in cellphone use and internet use among our generations. Nowadays everyone has a cellphone or a computer at home, we are all hooked. I think it is important to research this because it is a common topic and something that everyone is realizing. One of the groups I want to focus on is teenagers who revolve their life around the use of these devices. Teenagers who are in the development stage usually use the internet and their cellphones to express themselves, find help, find entertainment pretty much find anything they need/want. Another age that I want to focus on is small children from the ages of 2-7 that are slowly becoming experts on these devices. Parents usually use cellphones and computers to entertain small children but now these kids have become savants at this technology. I don’t only want to research these topics I want to find an explanation as to why this may be happened. How does the popularity of these devices influence our education our street smarts, our lives overall. I think I’m not one of the first people to be curious on this topic but I’m glad that ill able to learn more about it.


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