Global Network Initiative

Global Network Initiative is all over the world from the Americas to Europe to the Middle East to Africa and Asia. It is companies in the information and communication technology sector face increasing government pressure to comply with domestic laws and policies in ways that may conflict with the internationally recognized human rights of freedom of expression and privacy. The goals are to prevent internet censorship by authoritarian governments and protecting the internet privacy rights of individuals. Microsoft is one of the companies that is a part of the Global Network Initiative and also the owners of Skype which China is surveillance is on Skype and not particularly surprising. When it comes to China there are things that have to be overlooked because this country does not tolerant things like foul language through video chatting or etc. China had a problem with yahoo when a journalist used data from the Chinese database and along with Google. The problem at hand now is the censorship of Skype in China if it is going to be kept or not because at the moment China has a good surveillance of Skype right now. Microsoft does not know if their partnership with Tom the company in China that is associated with Skype should end or not. There are Skype users all around the world and China has always been strict with many things that may harm their land. If the companies were to stop all contact with China then many associations with be demised from China like Microsoft. China should lay off on the surveillance of Skype because it is a harmful video chatting program people use to communicate with friends and family.


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