No Sympathy From Me!

This week’s podcast centered on various rape incidents that occurred throughout the country. Last Sunday, two male college football players in Steubenville, Ohio were tried and found guilty on charges of rape of a 16-year-old girl. One of the most shocking aspects about the case was the way the media, specifically CNN correspondent Candy Crowley, covered the case on the day of the trial. Crowley seemed to be more sympathetic towards the boys as she described the scene at the courthouse the moment Malik Richmond (one of the defendants) was found guilty. She described his reaction and commented on how the lives of these two boys was ruined. Crowley, received major backlash from the public as she neglected to even mention the victim. It is a curious thing to try to illicit a sense of sympathy for these two young men on a nationally broadcasted network. Why? This week’s podcast guests tried to break down the rationale behind why the media took this angle. “We don’t want to believe our community creates rapists”, said one of the weekly guests. In a strange way this might be true, we don’t want to believe that such upstanding local superstars, like these two football players, are even capable of committing such an act, let alone be tried in court and found guilty for it. In my opinion, it is shocking, that anyone, let alone an esteemed reporter, would even come to the boys’ defense. What they did was wrong, regardless of their title or local superstardom, they deserved what they got, and will not be receiving sympathy from me!


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