I really enjoyed this week’s On the Media podcast segment concerning the Torrington High School rape incident and the bullying of the victim that occurred in the aftermath. It is a shame that much of the media attention has been focused on the athletes rather than the bad attitude and victim harassment from their community because their actions are nonetheless part of the ever-growing problem.

I commend the Register Citizen for outing the bullies, even though doing so exposed them to national ridicule. It was harsh perhaps, but undoubtedly necessary in inciting the school’s communities to take a good hard look at the kind of people they are raising. The reporter’s actions reveal two parts to the problem. For it is one thing to have such blatantly misconstrued notions about rape, respect and consent, but another entirely to brazenly post on social media for the entire world to see. And see the world has.

If they don’t learn anything about rape, then let us hope they learn the lesson about the responsibility that comes with social media. If you say something on a public forum, you should be prepared to take accountability for those words just as you would in real life.

Minors or not, you are never too young to have a lesson in responsibility. And I’d even argue that having kept their identities confidential would have only done them a greater disservice in the end.


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