WikiLeaks Leakers


I found it really interesting to hear the podcast about WikiLeaks because I had heard a little bit about it in one of my classes but to hear an update on it really intrigued me. This podcast beings with talking about founder Julian Assange has been granted diplomatic asylum. I found it very interesting to learn that there has been a rash of copy cats Quebec Leaks, Brussels Leaks, EnviroLeaks, and UniLeaks for universities. There has been many aspiring leaks but it appears they are beginning to dry up.

Sirus Farivar who is the senior business editor at Ars Technica explains all about BulkinLeaks which is two guys, one from Bulgaria and the other from France and both journalists. They are using a software called Tour to keep info and data anonymous online. They explain in other languages on how to use tool. After they have posted a dossier about recent departed Prime Minister Borisov. They believe he was recruited as an agent for his ties to the Bulgarian underworld and he stepped down within weeks. They took some credit but didn’t accept all.

Next thing talked about is GlobalLeaks and what they want to do is create an app that anyone can install on their own and there could be a GlobalLeaks all around the world and run a properly secure leaking platform. And finally LocalLeaks which is based in the US and has covered the alleged rape of a high school girl and it stands out because LocalLeaks invites people to submit documents and photos and complies them into a chronology of the hard truth of the Stubinville Ohio rape situation. Last the podcast talks about how Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks and how a journalist he confessed to turned him into the feds meaning that these sites shield the leaker so they don’t know where it came from.

This podcast was really interesting to hear because for me personally to hear that these “leak” websites have spread to so many different kinds I found myself thinking well this can’t really be good. By just looking at WikiLeaks I can only imagine what will happen next with these other leak sites.


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