Research Paper: Revised Proposal & Working Bibliography

While I was working on outlining how to go about the research paper with the previous subject I had chosen (hacker ethics), I kept stumbling across mental roadblocks that were not in the least bit helped by the complex tangle of information concerning the morality of hackers. Instead, I was inspired to take the paper in a different direction altogether.

The focus of this new paper would be to examine the legal issues of fanfiction. Fanfiction is loosely defined as writing centred on pre-existing published characters and/or settings created by writers of literature, film, television or other entertainment media. Amateur writers would then spin new story lines, continue off of old ones, and extend the background of old and new characters as a form of creative expression. The conflict that arises is the issue of copyright, whereby copyright holders (the original authors) feel they have to protect their intellectual property from being used and abused by fans, despite the fact amateur writers do not make profit off of their work.

The research paper will lead on a discussion of copyright and if, in some sense, the creativity of the masses is being stifled in the struggle to uphold the law.

Working Bibliography

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