Think about it this way…

Because of its facility, we have now become more aware of mediated mobilization and its power. However, I believe that this form of mobilization has been around for ages. Think about the Boston Tea Party, the Crusades and other movements such as those. Yes, it was a different type of mobilization but it served the same purpose as it does nowadays.

Mediated mobilization has become so much easier these days because of how fast and accessible the media is. Everyone has access to a computer some way or another and they become engulfed in worlds that are no where near them. The Kony movement, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, were all movements that would have not occurred if it weren’t for the social media. We are able to keeps ourselves updated and are also able to let other people know about what is going on. Influencing others was never this easy, and that is a concept that we should all be afraid of. You never know what mediated mobilization will do next, what social groups are trying to do next and how they are going to go about it.


2 thoughts on “Think about it this way…

  1. I find it interesting that you bring up the Boston Tea Party and Crusades as a form of “mediated mobilization” because you are entirely correct! I would have never thought that actions and movements in our history to be even categorized as mediated mobilization. I think what is even more interesting about this form of gathering is that many of them have no definite goal or end result. What really drives the successes of mediated mobilization as you stated is how fast and accessible it is. Someone can create a well put together documentary or argument that will cause uproar in people, but what do they do? What has happened with the Kony movement? What about all those people who ordered Kony 2012 boxes, where is that money? We are becoming susceptible and gullible to others. Ultimately we create a brief movement until someone else brings another “issue.”

  2. I agree with you that mediated mobilization is very powerful. The ability to organize a group of people with common goals in a very short period of time should be taken seriously. The quickness of mediated mobilization leaves room for many impulsive actions that could be potentially dangerous. Mediated mobilization’s fast aspects can also be fun. It is easy to find people with similar interests and chat with them in order to find out new info about a hobby. Ravelry is a good example of this. Ravelry is essentially facebook for knitters. It is a place where people share their love for knitting.

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