Semester Project Update

Since the last time I gave an update on my project I gained another 2 followers rising up to 24 followers on my blog. One of them is a band called “Your Underdog” and another one is a blog that is similar to mine that focuses on blogging live photos of musicians and are based out of Germany! How cool is that?! I try to keep this blog active as much as possible and have recently reviewed The Strokes new album Comeback Machines and a new single release by an EDM DJ Tiesto with his song Chasing Summers! Feel free to check it out and read about them on my blog .
I have found a few blogs that are similar to mine thus far such as a blog called “We Are The Kids,”  I have tried to reach out to the creator of the website but have not heard back from her, but it is along the same concept of mine! There are two other blogs that I have researched with the same concept which are “Field Mic” that I will reach out to sometime this weekend and also (and my personal favorite) Brooklyn Vegan.

Don’t forget to follow my blog if you have a tumblr! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.


One thought on “Semester Project Update

  1. Congratulations on the amount of followers you now have on your blog! That is very exciting! I know what you mean by keeping your blog active, I think its almost a must in social media, otherwise you loose people’s attention quickly! It is awesome that you have a band following you as well and very exciting that you were able to connect to other similar blogs! I can’t wait to see the progress you have made at the end of the semester as it seems you are gaining followers pretty quickly!

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