…why are we still discussing gay rights?!

Many of you have probably seen or even participated in changing your profile picture of the equality symbol on Facebook.In the recent upbringing of same-sex marriage this past week in the Supreme Court, it makes me wonder, why is this even an issue?


A question raised in this week’s On the Media was: Does public opinion influence the court? Well, they answered that there is a split between polls and public opinion (which is ruling with over majority of support.) People are rapidly adjusting and arguing that love is love and no matter whom you chose as your partner you should never be denied a right to something as simple as that. And I completely agree! The Supreme Court looks at what other states are deciding on this issue but with the rise of mediated mobilization as we discussed last week we are witnessing it happen right in front of us with the symbol of equality that is being posted all over the internet. I argue that public opinion DOES influence Supreme Court decisions in that if a widespread majority of people are for gay-marriage, then why even argue against it? Violating human rights is going against what this country stands for and if we the people continue to support, express, and spread our pro same-sex marriage views we can make a difference. In past decisions the Supreme Court has caved into public opinion for deciding on an issue, so why not make this another one? Justice Kennedy has the deciding vote in what happens, so what do you say Kennedy?


2 thoughts on “…why are we still discussing gay rights?!

  1. I agree with you in every way. No one should be denied the right to marry. I also agree that mediated mobilization can help show the supreme court what our country thinks of this issue and therefore help them to make a good decision. We should show that we care by changing our profile pictures and displaying that our opinion is popular. If most people believe what we believe it should reflect a change.

  2. I completely agree with you. It’s ridiculous that politics are determining who can marry and who can’t. I believe that these laws against gay marriage are outdated. I can only hope that people are changing. I think the more people show they care, the more people will began to stand up for what’s right.

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