Walt Frazier

I am not a sports fan. I do not follow any sports coverage. I cannot name any players of any team but today I learned about an amazing basketball player who left a huge impression on me.  This week’s On the Media covered Walt Frazier. Brooke Gladstone interviewed him about his career and personal life. Before listening to On the Media I had not heard of Frazier. I learned that he is really cool and relaxed , great with words, and an amazing basketball player. His calm disposition and great sports skills enabled him to be a true celebrity. The media picked up on his talents and stayed close to him. I found his word choices and continuous quest for an even bigger vocabulary to be fascinating. He is incredibly motivated and that is really impressive. Also, his fashion sense is original and stylish which is another reason the media loves him. I found from the interview that he has a larger than life personality yet is still modest. His interview made me interested in sports. He was just that great at speaking. I found Frazier’s comments on how basketball has changed over the years very insightful. Gladstone asked a lot of thought provoking questions. I enjoyed when they discussed the idea of respect within the game. He had a great attitude towards that. It is no wonder that he is also a broadcasting star because he has a great media personality. I enjoyed this segment a lot.


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