Semester Project Update

For my semester project I created a Facebook page which requests followers submit personal photographs that represent various words. For the most part this project is going pretty well. My biggest challenge is keeping followers attention and trying to get the same followers to continuously participate. I suppose when you think about it, most of us probably wouldn’t post on this blog weekly if we weren’t asked to. But I do kind of hope I can possibly keep the page going even after the semester is over. Because in a way I feel like if I don’t keep the page alive I will let a lot of people down who are and have participated. Overall I enjoy working on this project and do get excited when a lot of people participate. Unfortunately my other challenge is time and I do wish I had more time to devote to this specific page.

I have connected to other similar pages and by doing so I hope to get more followers… If anyone is interested in participating or taking a look at the page the link is posted here: Life Through Their Eyes

So that’s about all I want to give away about the semester project at this point because I am hoping to present this at the end of the semester. 


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