Memes, entertaining or a nuisance

Within the last two years I have seen memes become increasingly popular throughout social media news feeds. Personally I am not really a fan of memes because I feel like they somewhat lack creativity, and can otherwise be very obnoxious. Occasionally I find memes to be funny or creative, but mostly I feel like individuals mindlessly repost them rather than creating their own clever content. Maybe copy write laws for memes would benefit our society (or my Facebook news feed) because then individuals would be forced to be original, or at least be forced to try. Although internet memes are a rapid way of sharing content, I believe they are just a fad that is already dying out and will likely fade away in a couple years.

So with that said the only meme I could think, which I am assuming almost everyone has seen, is Mckayla Maroney. The 2012 silver medalist gymnast who made this unforgettable face.



One thought on “Memes, entertaining or a nuisance

  1. I completely agree in that MEMEs lack creativity! Many of them use the same images and only change the words to whatever is prevalent in pop culture at that moment, giving MEMEs widespread popularity for a short period of time. I don’t know if copyright on MEMEs would really benefit, with these laws you need some sort of creativity to gain copyright, and since creativity loses translation after a few posts it would give many other people copyright over one MEME, if that. If copyright was put in place, then one person would be held responsible and iconic for the MEME they have created.

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