B*****s be like Meme

“Bitches be like…” is an expression that typically used as a preface to describe various cliche behaviors and catchphrases associated with women. In image macros, snowclone variations of the phrase have been used to indicate the subject of the joke in a similar vein to the satirical YouTube series “Shit girls say”. This particular meme have been getting more and more popular all over every social media networks like Facebook, Tumblr, and instagram. The meme talks about probably anything that can be made a joke out of from “bitches be like, I know how to cook” and it would be a picture of a house on fire implying that people can not cook at all to memes like “bitches be like, no make-up” and it will show like a clown or something. Even though the meme can be offense to some people, but it is funny to me only be because of what pictures is used to make the joke actually funny. Nowadays you can literally find one of almost anything because the meme have gotten so popular.Image


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