the things we find entertaining these days…..



I know somebody already posted about grumpy cat, but bear with me here.

This is by far my favorite meme out there for this past year. I used to be addicted to memes; I spent most of my day looking at a website called which is basically full of puns and memes. When “Grumpy Cat” started showing up in the page, I thought it was one of the most entertaining things I had seen in a long time. The cynicism of the meme is what attracts me the most, because I tend to be quite cynical as well. 

Looking at it, I don’t know why I still find this entertaining. Someone just took a picture of a mad cat and pasted some funny words on it. It is not very intellectual in any shape, way, or form. Yet the simplicity of it is what makes it funnier. 

Is simplicity what we are attracted to now?


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