Gun Control

There is a constant debate between what to do with guns and how much of a restriction there should be on them. Honestly I do not see the necessity in people owning guns. I believe guns are definitely of an importance for our nation but they need to be in the hands of the right people and the professionals who are trained how to properly use them.

After hearing something like the Sandy Hook shooting it is scary to think who else out there has access to a gun who could one day snap and do the same thing. There are too many incidents that you hear of with innocent people being killed and families being devastated and faced with their children’s deaths when that should not happen.

I think with the right laws and restrictions on guns there could be a better and safer place to live with less violence. The real issues need to be looked at straight up and not sugar coated and for once keep the politics out of it. Bias news reporters and media coverage need to state it how it is, keep opinions and politics to themselves and show what the actual issues are no matter if people are going to agree or not. 

In my personal opinion regular civilians should not be allowed to own guns because there is no way to know for sure if a person is going to use a gun properly. And there is no way to be sure it won’t get in the hands of the wrong person.


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