Final Semester Project Update

As the semester comes to a close, here is a brief update on how the blog has been going. To be completely honest, I have worked as much as possible on this blog which well, wasn’t as much as I was hoping. If I could have devoted more time to this throughout the semester as much as I wanted to I think results would/could have been better. To date I have 30 followers on my blog, at this point majority of them I have no idea who they are (which as creepy as that might be, it’s really kind of cool!). I intend on continuing this project post-class as it is something I really enjoy doing. One of the biggest issues of this was finding the time to write reviews, deeper into the semester time became limited. However, I was shocked to see that even though I hadn’t updated it as often as I intended my following grew.

To recap what my semester project was about, I made my own version of Pitchfork or Brooklyn Vegan (minus the shows). My project in a sense was music criticism/journalism. Many people practice this type of journalism which I consider brief and told by someone who knows music (which I am no only a beginner). Feel free to check out any recent reviews or updates below:

I wanted to use my voice with other projects similar to this one and show that even an amateur like me can write about music and share my opinion on what I think is worth listening to. Although music tastes vary among people, my main goal is to close the gap of being picky to a certain genre and explore the true meaning of being a music enthusiast- showing that music has no boundaries or discrimination. Reggae and EDM together or Indie and Rock, genres can always blend to create an enjoyable sound- you just need to have the open mind to find it.

This is not the end but only the beginning to a blog I enjoy working on.


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