Generation Why?

Social media has had a huge impact on society and how people interact with each other. It’s scary to see how our generation is being taken over by technology. Many young kids today don’t even know how to communicate interpersonally, a text or a Facebook message is an easier way for people to communicate. In the article, Smith explains how she is only 9 years older than Mark Zuckerberg, but does not feel that she’s part of his generation. Smith believes she’s stuck as person 1.0 in the midst of 2.0 people. Smith values her personal privacy and in this generation we have no sense of privacy. She believes technology is changing how we perceive one another because we use Facebook to express ourselves through relationship statuses, pictures, movies, and music. Smith points out how we don’t share things such as “architecture, ideas or plants.”

Today the word privacy has lost it’s meaning. Everything we do is somehow made public for example, every move we make online is tracked and kept record of. Take notice when you had just recently visited an online site and then a few minutes later an ad appears from that same website on your Facebook page. With Facebook being ubiquitous, can we all say we actually love it? I have tried to deactivate my Facebook at one point, but I continue to keep my Facebook to stay in contact with friends and family. Facebook has evolved all around the world, it’s now being used for businesses. As we discussed in class, many businesses that hire you want you on Facebook. They are using Facebook as a fan page where you can promote your business, where fans can spread the word about you to others.


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